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James White and the Signalnoise Studio

James White was born in 1977 and calls Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada his home. His parents were never able to keep typewriter paper in the house as James would steal it for drawings as early as the age of 4. Upon graduation of highschool he attended a Graphic Design course in his hometown where he was introduced to Photoshop and Illustrator, tools he still uses today. His professional design career began in 1998 where he cut his teeth designing websites and print campaigns.

James never stopped creating and working on his own projects that took up his evenings and weekends which resulted in the creation of the Signalnoise Studio. James’ personal projects gained recognition in the industry and led him to working with Toyota, Universal Music, Nike, Metallica, Warner Bros., Twitch and many other clients.

Today, James is focusing on various neon-infused art projects for himself and clients, creating work to compliment his 1980s childhood. He also spends a lot of time on the road speaking at various design conventions and events around the world.
James White on the Web
Signalnoise Broadcast - Tune in on Twitch, Mondays & Thursdays. (Currently on hiatus)
Signalnoise Store - A wonderful selection of Signalnoise branded merch.
Skillshare Class - Digital 80s Design: Combining Illustrator and Photoshop
The Creative Spark - A short biographical documentary about James, his life and work.
Character Illustrations - A documentary showing James' creative process from start to finish.
Photoshop 25th Anniversary - Watch James create his Laser Horse poster, and discuss the full prices.
Celscapes - Solo art show at Bottleneck Gallery in August 2014, Brooklyn NY.
ALL NEW BUSINESS INQUIRIES, please contact my agent Alex Suchet via the address below. If you write to me directly, I may not be able to explore your project opportunity. Thank you.
All work inquiries - alex@wearemysterybox.com
James White - white@signalnoise.com
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